17th May – The Number One Album in Australia – 2004 (Jet – Get Born)


 The Number One Album in Australia on 17th May 2004 was the debut studio longplayer from Jet – Get Born.

The band – bassist Mark Wilson, brothers Nic and Chris Cester on vocals/rhythm guitar and drums respectively and lead guitarist Cameron Muncey, formed in 2001 while attending St Bede’s College Mentone, Melbourne.

The band who had the biggest musical influence on Jet was You Am I:

“Hi Fi Way was the most important album of my generation … I think everyone our age, who played guitar, played You Am I songs for the first time in front of their school assembly … That was the record that made you realise you could be in an Australian band, you didn’t have to be a grunge band and you didn’t have to be influenced by American bands. It changed everything” – Nic Cester, The Daily Telegraph, November 2010.

“Jet’s Get Born is a seriously rocking album that comes off as a mix between the White Stripes’ bluesy insouciance and AC/DC’s cockeyed swagger.

Toss in some New York Dolls strut, maybe some of Sweet’s jailbait philosophizing, definitely some of Oasis’ look-at-me attitude, some of the Verve’s sense of grandeur, and you’ve got something to impress your friends as you blast it out of your car speakers on a Friday night.

There are a lot of other bands traveling a similar path these days and it is hard to explain why this record works so well when so many others sound weak and studied. Maybe it is because they hail from the no-nonsense Australian rock tradition. Maybe it is the tough but clean production by Dave Sardy. Most likely it is the songs. They are catchy with singalong choruses, with lots of “hey”s and handclaps and glam stomp beats” – Tim Sendra, Allmusic

Track listing:

Last Chance

Are You Gonna Be My Girl?

Rollover DJ (N. Cester, C. Cester, C. Muncey)

Look What You’ve Done (N. Cester)

Get What You Need (N. Cester, C. Cester, C. Muncey)

Move On (N. Cester, C. Cester)

Radio Song

Get Me Outta Here (N. Cester, C. Cester)

Cold Hard Bitch (N. Cester, C. Cester, C. Muncey)

Come Around Again

Take It or Leave It

Lazy Gun (N. Cester, C. Cester)

Timothy (C. Cester)

All songs written by Nic Cester & Cameron Muncey, except where noted.


Nic Cester – lead vocals, guitars

Chris Cester – drums/percussion, tambourine, backing vocals

Cameron Muncey – guitars, backing vocals

Mark Wilson – bass guitar, piano – Look What You’ve Done, harmonica – Move On

Additional Musicians:

Billy Preston – keyboards

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. – keyboards

Andre Warhurst – slide guitar – Move On

Dave Sardy – Producer; tambourine, slide guitar – Lazy Gun, additional guitar – Are You Gonna Be My Girl?


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