Ratcat – Blind Love [Number 1 Australian Album – 6th June 1991]



The Number One album in Australia on the 6th June 1991 was Blind Love from Ratcat.

This Sydney band combined energetic punk-style guitar with indie pop songwriting – a musical nod in the direction of bands that had gone before them such as Blondie, The Buzzcocks & The Ramones or that were around at the time such as The Primitives from the UK – winning them a legion of loyal indie & skate punk fans.

Throughout the band’s career the mainstay of the band was frontman Simon Day:

Simon Day – vocals, guitar, bass, main songwriter (1985–present)

Trevor Wintle – drums (1986–1987)

Andrew Polin – drums (1985–1986,1987–2011)

Victor Levi – bass (1985–1988)

Cathy Webb – bass (1988)

John McAteer – bass (1988–1989)

Amr Zaid – bass (1989–1992)

Marc Scully – bass (1992–1996)

Nic Dalton – bass (1998–present)

Ratcat were originally signed to one of the great Australia independent record labels – Waterfront Records which was set up by Steve Stavrakis and Chris Dunn – and released a number of singles / EP’s and their debut album This Nightmare in 1988.

Waterfront Records – Singles and EPs:

Ratcat EP (1987)

Baby’s Got A Gun (1988)

I Think I Love You (1988)

Saying Goodbye / Tura Satana / Overdrive (1989)

I Love Ratcat To Death EP (1989)

Waterfront Records – Album:

This Nightmare (1988)

Ratcat signed to the rooArt label in 1990, with their first release being the 6-track EP Tingles.

Tingles was a huge success – the combination of the strong songs, Triple J going National [as it had only been broadcasting in Sydney before that], the marketing of the CD EP being available for only $5 [at the time a very aggressive price point for an Australian CD release] and the strong visuals from the artwork that Simon Day designed saw the Tingles EP reach #1 on Alternative charts.

Momentum built and the release topped the Australian national singles chart.

Ratcat’s next album Blind Love,& the single Don’t Go Now both also reached #1 in 1991.

Ratcat then toured extensively overseas playing shows in the U.K., Europe & the States supporting bands such as Teenage Fanclub, Violent Femmes, Iggy Pop, Ride & the Wonder Stuff.


Don’t Go Now – wp.me/p3uHDF-eT

Baby Baby – wp.me/p3uHDF-eO

That Ain’t Bad – wp.me/p3uHDF-eZ

Blind Love TVC – wp.me/p3uHDF-f3


Tracklisting – Tingles:

1. That Ain’t Bad 4:05
2. Tingles 3:26
3. Don’t Go In The Water 3:49
4. Getting Away (From This World) 5:20
5. Skin 3:21
6. My Bloody Valentine 3:22


Producer – Nick Mainsbridge

All songs written by Simon Day except track 3 written by – A. Zaid, A. Polin, S. Day

Tracklisting – Blind Love:

1. Yes I Wanna Go 2:39
2. Run & Hide 3:07
3. Baby Baby 3:45
4. Hopeless Mind 4:17
5. Pieces 3:19
6. Racing 3:33
7. That Aint Bad 4:03
8. The Wonder Of You 3:03
9. Don’t Go Now 3:12
10. Strange 4:05
11. The End 5:14

Ratcat – TV Commercial – Blind Love [Number 1 Australian Album – 6th June 1991]


Ratcat – That Ain’t Bad (Tingles EP) – Blind Love (album) [Number 1 Australian Album – 6th June 1991]

ratcat tingles


Ratcat – Don’t Go Now (single) – Blind Love (album) [Number 1 Australian Album – 6th June 1991]

Ratcat - Don't Go Now

Ratcat – Baby Baby (single) – Blind Love (album) [Number 1 Australian Album – 6th June 1991]

Ratcat - Baby Baby